Pink Pink socks and in Cotton blend

Pink Pink socks and in Cotton blend
Only non dull color available

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where is Spring

Snow and more snow here. A brief respite with frigid air for right now. The cats look longingly out the windows but hurry right back in the door,once they've ventured out side.
Our dear Sunshine cat had a few days in the hospital after a bout of feeling poorly but now is her old spunky self. We'd forgotten how kitten like she can be.
Tom also had a bit of illness and his first episode as a patient in a hospital and is also feeling better each day.
I'm experimenting with the basic bread pudding recipes and although the dishes look really pretty I haven't found the just the right taste I'm looking for yet. Although I've discovered maple syrup can make a nice topping if it is a bit dry.
Been sewing and knitting and reading and listening to audio books this year. What have you been making or doing?
I'll add some photos although none of snow....