Pink Pink socks and in Cotton blend

Pink Pink socks and in Cotton blend
Only non dull color available

Friday, July 24, 2009

El Paso in the summer

The 'city' promotes flower gardens are certain main corners by the parks and main intersections. These are a few of the prettiest. The Baptist church corner with the small white feeder for religious birds made the front page of the local 'squeak ' newspaper.. Big news in smallville. The year I moved here when I was 16 I groaned as I showed my Dad the front page of the paper at that time showing a sizable crack in the sidewalk downtown.... a foreboding of what EP is all about.
Cool summer here as it is all over the upper midwest and North east. Been really wet and cool for the flowers and they are loving it.
Need to take some photos of sewing projects so you will know it is not all sightseeing here in the metropolis.