Pink Pink socks and in Cotton blend

Pink Pink socks and in Cotton blend
Only non dull color available

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winter Encroaching

West of us the snow is flying and the first frost has bitten off the last of the blooms here. Time to clear the deck of plants and dig in for the winter. Caught the geraniums in all their glory, but I hauled them off to lay over the winter in the garage. Makes the trip to the jeep a garden tour for awhile.
Rainy and cold last Wednesday we had travelers stop on their way to their southern retreat. For several days these Canadians roamed the empty subdivision lots across the street feasting on some mysterious treat before flying on to their spa in the south.
I've been knitting and sewing a bit. Trying to finish some projects in progress and then adding new ones too.
I'll have to post photos of anything I finish soon on here.
Stay warm and dry.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September swept by

After a cold summer an even colder fall has set in here. Today rainy and cloudy and September has snuck on by me without posting here. I've updated my Sasha website with fall outfits and finished the photos of them. Sold a few small Hitty dresses and started some fall knitting.
No colorful fall photos yet. The trees don't seem to be bursting in color yet. So I'll have to resot to taking photos of my autumn wreaths.
A busy week of work and extra seminars and the month has disappeared.
No excitement to report which can be good news. I'll share a few photos.